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  • (03:20) – Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays new acquisitions. Are they contenders, and if so, do you care?
  • (19:20) – Hockey: Ilya Bryzgalov dials in from Russia - a humongous big interview.  Playing in Russia, lockout, thoughts on Bettman.
  • (32:15) – Football: Coach Calhoun on the NFL Monday Nighter.  Not much of a backup QB battle - Romo gets destroyed.  Next week, why JaMarcus Russell is the biggest NFL bust ever.
  • (47:20) – Hit Me: 6 one minute questions: Beckham leaving Galaxy, Georges St-Pierre's face post-fight, Garry Bettman (gets blasted), Donald Fehr (also gets blasted), Does changing equipment hurt Rory McIlroy, Greatest wrestler ever?
  • (1:00:10) – Opening the mailbag

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