Episode 20 - Fakers

Program Guide

  • (01:45) – NBA: Sacremento Kings moving to Seattle - implications for Vancouver?  Did anyone watch the Grizzlies?
  • (15:00) – Cycling: Lance Armstrong "confesses" to Oprah - No real apology from a cold hearted, unrepentant dick.  If you knew you would get caught in the future, would you still take the fame and money now?
  • (23:45) – College Football: Manti Te'o, the weirdest sports story ever?
  • (32:00) – NFL Playoffs: Coach tells it like it is - sets up Ravens-49ers in the Super "Harbaugh" Bowl.
  • (48:00) – NHL: The highs and lows of the early season, Dan takes the league back with open arms.
  • (1:07:00) – Asia League Update, how can any team be 0 - 29?

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