Program Guide

  • (01:30) - Ryder Cup wrap up and how it broke down. If you haven't seen it yet, stop right now and get to a replay.  Possibly the best golf tournament you will ever see.
  • (08:00) - Tangent - Why seniors get a pass on PVR mix ups
  • (11:45) - Tiger Woods does not deliver
  • (19:00) - Dan wins a bet (finally)
  • (23:40) - Our golf insider, Lord Humphrey Percival Barrington III, puts Neal in his place - and talks a little one-sided golf
  • (35:00) - NFL chatter with Coach Calhoun on quarterbacks around the league and Tim Tebow. Opinions aplenty.

Reference of the Week

Men throwing rocks with the other hand (In honour of Tim Tebow)

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